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Spray oil blending at H&R South Africa

In-House Blending of Agricultural Spray Oils at H&R South Africa

Traditionally sales of agricultural spray oils are seasonal with H&R Medium Spray Oil being sold predominantly during 4th quarter for application on Citrus crops while Ampron, intended for use on deciduous fruits, is typically supplied during the month of August only. To satisfy H&R's customer base some 3000 drums of Ampron must be available for collection during a very small window period which has in the past placed considerable pressure on the supply chain. H&R Crop Oil which is used as a general purpose spray oils on a variety of crops is required during the month of January for spraying on maize crops. Eradication of alien plants using Crop Oil is typically carried out throughout the year. Until recently blending of all spray oils has been carried out externally but following an internal review the decision was made to blend selected grades in-house.  This has substantially reduced the complexity of supplying the market on time with spray oil and allowing just-in-time processes, optimising cost and should yield increased customer satisfaction.  
For further information please contact Robin Kirby, Business Manager, H&R SA Sales,