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'The Inspiration behind Tomorrows Chemists'...

'The Inspiration behind Tomorrows Chemists'...

Furthering our links with the local community and in particular supporting initiatives that benefit others the H&R ChemPharm (UK) Product Development and Technical Teams recently combined their resources and skills to present a selection of workshops at Chemistry at Work.

This annual event held at the Black Country Living Museum, which is close to the H&R site in Tipton, is run in conjunction with the Royal Society of Chemistry and target students between the ages of 7 and 16 giving them the opportunity to explore the application of chemistry and science in their everyday lives.

The H&R workshops focused on selected areas of the H&R product portfolio - in this case oils and grease, wax, cosmetics and Sahara super absorbent polymer technology.

The students were given an understanding of how the products are manufactured and their applications in everyday situations, before getting involved in a number of experiments to see for themselves how the products perform and their benefits.

The event was well attended with 19 local schools bringing 400 students and whilst not all of them had the opportunity to take part in the H&R workshops those that did, and their teachers, were more than positive in their feedback.

Commenting on the workshops, Product Development Chemist, Nnamdi Amatobi said;

'It was refreshing to see youngsters showing an interest in chemistry. Their questions and innovative ideas were inspiring. The historic ambience of Black Country Living Museum, with its links to the areas industrial past, was a fitting environment for the event.'

Supporting Chemistry at Work not only gave H&R ChemPharm (UK) the opportunity to raise their profile, as a business within the community, but we hope inspire one or two of those attending the workshops to consider a future career in chemistry or science.