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H&R RSA, Coschem Conference, Johannesburg

H&R South Africa presents Oleo Gel PIONIER PLW

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H&R SA Sales (Pty) Ltd. introduced the PIONIER PLW, a hydrophobic base gel DAC, as a new product on the South African company's range at the annual Coschem Conference.  The conference which was held on the 25th- 26th August 2010, was themed "Cosmetic Revolution" and highlighted the future of cosmetic industry.

It therefore proved to be a fitting platform to launch this product to the market as PIONIER PLW allows for manufacturing at normal room temperature, known as cold processing.  Cold processing is very cost effective and sustainable as it saves both on energy consumption, due to the constant heating with subsequent cooling, as well as manufacturing time.  PIONIER PLW with cold processing uses about 80% less energy and can reduce manufacturing times by 90%.

The introduction of the PIONIER PLW was very well received at the Cocktail Evening, with H&R sponsored.  Information packs containing samples of the PIONIER PLW, and CD and data sheets were handed out to customers to review in detail.  In addition a table with samples of "cold processing" finished creams and lotions were displayed to allow customers to have a first had view of the potential of the PIONIER PLW.  A DVD was played in the background explaining the benefits and processes around the product and various people from the industry showed great interest.

The event facilitated in making H&R SA more visible within the cosmetic industry, creating an awareness of the depth of the product range.

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