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H&R UK - BIT Business Improvement Techniques

H&R ChemPharm (UK) Employees take part in BIT-Training Course

H&R ChemPharm (UK) Ltd promotes the training and development of their staff. The company is aware of the benefits staff training can have on business performance as well as staff morale. Several H&R employees had the opportunity to take part in the Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) training course. The primary objective of the course was to improve business performance as a whole.

During this course employees were able to gain an insight into how to systematically solve problems throughout the company and identify viable solutions. Different departments were able to combine their experience and work towards a common goal. They were able to appreciate why procedures are in place and understand the importance of one departments output to other departments. Employees were also able to put theory into practice by applying continuous improvement techniques to real work situations. Being given the opportunity to evaluate methodologies and state were improvements needed to be made within the company has proved beneficial for both the employees as well as the company as a whole.

As employees work with equipment and undertake procedures on a daily basis, they have inside knowledge and are likely to best understand where there is room for improvement. They are therefore able to provide solutions that would increase productivity in the plant, hence leading to more efficient working conditions. The company also benefited from obtaining solutions that increased productivity in the plant and reduced waste. Additionally it also increased employee morale, as employees felt that their ideas and opinions were taken into consideration. Furthermore on an individual level, each employee received a NVQ certificate, a well recognised qualification. The BIT course helped to give employees the tools to analyse, measure and solve production problems. Employees were also able to understand the importance of complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements, contributing to effective team working, applying workplace organisation techniques (5S/5C), applying continuous improvement techniques (Kaizen), creating visual management systems, and applying problem solving techniques.

This cross functional involvement of office and production staff, allowed employees to gain a better overview of the company as a whole, which assisted integrated working relationships. Employees that took part in this course stated that on a daily basis it improved productivity, employees would also think twice when it came to waste, and realised how they could make daily tasks more efficient.

"I was able to gain a better insight into the decision making processes and understand where the company is and where it wants to be in the future. I would definitely recommend this course to new employees of the company".

Quality Assurance Chemist, H&R ChemPharm (UK) Ltd