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Wire 2018, Düsseldorf, Germany

'Looking for a solution to a cabling challenge?'

…or simply want to see the latest in cable compound technology? Then a visit to the H&R Group stand at this year’s Wire should be top of your show plans.

With over half a century’s experience in the development, manufacture, and supply of cable compound technology the business has supplied a number of high profile cabling projects.

This expertise means that H&R is able to support manufacturers and contractors in bringing cost savings and infrastructure reliability to projects.

These have been achieved through the business working alongside cable manufacturers delivering applications solutions and support.

These solutions come in the form of;

Mineral based petroleum jelly compounds – developed for the telecommunication sector with multi-pair copper conductor cables a key application area.

Mineral and synthetic thixotropic gels – developed for use in loose tube optical fibre telecommunication cables where they serve as moisture blocking and buffering compounds.

Hydrogen Absorbing Gels also feature  within this group of products.

Super absorbent polymer, (SAP) coatings – SAP’s allow cable designers and manufacturers to incorporate particulate-free, water-swelling technology into their products.

This allows for alternative cable water blocking opportunities to be exploited in application areas such as yarns, tapes, and cable filling applications.

Cable Accessories – compounds for joint boxes, terminations and coating in MV and HV applications.

This technology will be strengthened by the addition of a Flame Retardant Cable Compound product – INSOJELL FR - which the H&R Group will launch at Wire.

With the move towards low smoke generation and the elimination of halogens in cables, the use of flame retardants is now required in nearly all infrastructure projects.

This includes cabling applications with any cable used required to have flame retardants within them and offer low smoke emissions.

As a result of this, the H&R Group has developed INSOJELL FR.

INSOJELL FR is a synthetic elastomer with specially selected flame-proofing chemicals and materials.

In addition to its flame proofing properties, INSOJELL FR offers manufacturers exceptional insulating and adhesive properties within the structure and outer sheathing of the cable.

This in turn limits fire spread, so less smoke is produced, potentially saving lives.

One additional benefit of INSOJELL FR relates to cable integrity.

Although  there could be degradation to the outer sheathing of the cable, should it come into contact with fire, its inner structure will remain intact, meaning minimum disruption to services.

Speaking prior to Wire the H&R Group Product Manager Gavin Morland said;

‘Wire is the major event on our cables business calendar. It allows us to not only showcase, but raise the profile of our products and capabilities to the industry.He added;

‘It is also an opportunity to network with key members of the cables industry, identifying opportunities where our products would benefit their specific application requirements’.

Visiting the show? The H&R Group stand – A62 can be found in Hall 12.

For more information on visiting Wire click on the following link:  Wire 2018, Düsseldorf.