H&R Thailand

With its advanced technological know-how, capable of satisfying each individual customer, H&R Thailand becomes a leading producer of wax and oils for the wax and tire industry.

H&R Thailand distributes slackwax and blends of aromatic oils. Slackwax can be used in a variety of industries, whether packaging, candles, crayons, rubber compounding and wax polishing, while aromatic oil is extensively used in the rubber industry as processing aids and extenders for rubber; supplying the major tire manufacturers in Thailand, Malaysia and China. We strive to keep abreast of technological advances to maximize productivity and quality, while keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

We have longterm goal to become the leading manufacturer and distributor for the plastic / packaging, textile, agricultural and the pharmaceutical industries both in Thailand and the rest of Asia.

Our products

Label-free oilsVIVATEC 200, VIVATEC 400, VIVATEC 500, VIVATEC 700, VIVATEC 800
Aromatic oilsTUDALEN 81, TUDALEN 84, TUDALEN 65, TUDALEN 58
Paraffinic oilsTUDALEN 11, TUDALEN 13, TUDALEN 16

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