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Since 1919, the name Hansen & Rosenthal has been linked with the highest quality in specialty chemicals and in the development and production of crude oil based chemical-pharmaceutical specialty products.

The secret of our success has always been a strong customer focus and a systematic approach to improving our brands and products. We do everything to maintain and further enhance our products quality and our customers’ trust in them.

Evolution from family-owned company to global company

Today's H&R started out as a small company in Hamburg. On 16 December 1919, Heinrich Hansen and Emil Rosenthal (brothers in law) formed the Hansen & Rosenthal Company in Hamburg, thereby laying the foundations for business success. In the decades since then, H&R has evolved...


Our values
have a long tradition

Combining quality with a proactive approach to environmental protection and occupational safety not only enhances our image, but also increases our profitability and enables us to always offer high-quality branded products. We accomplish this with the help of a systematic management system aimed at...


around the world

The H&R Group in Germany and its subsidiaries form a global network of refineries and specialty production plants that meet customers' requirements for white oils, wax emulsions, paraffin waxes, plasticizers and many other products. ...