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Clariter and H&R Group Enter Into Strategic Collaboration in the Chemical Recycling arena

Clariter, a global cleantech pioneer, and H&R Group, a German hydrocarbon-based chemical specialties company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of oil-based specialty products for numerous industrial applications, today announced their entering into a strategic collaboration. The parties intend to explore various opportunities to jointly develop and reinforce the value proposition of refined, recycled hydrocarbons, to be produced by Clariter’s proprietary technology.

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Greenalia and P2X-Europe request their project Breogan

Greenalia and P2X-Europe request their project Breogan, a game-changing PtL project producing CO2-neutral eFuels and green hydrogen in Galicia, to be classified a Priority Business Initiative


  • P2X-Europe and Greenalia enhance the shape of project BREOGAN through additional robust agreement for the construction of an innovative Power-to-Liquid (PtL) plant in Galicia, Spain, aimed at producing synthetic hydrocarbons for sustainable aviation, transportation, and chemical-pharmaceutical industries.
  • P2X-Europe has introduced the project to the regional government Xunta de Galicia at the production site in Curtis-Teixeiro, to demonstrate the alignment with the government’s sustainability goals.
  • This CO2-neutral project seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95% and replace conventional fossil crudes with green hydrogen and net-zero carbon synthetic products, including eSAF, eDiesel, and specialty chemicals.
  • Project BREOGAN represents a major step towards energy autonomy and sustainability in Galicia, Spain, and Europe, positioning the region as a leader in the production and commercialization of synthetic fuels.


23/10/2023, Hamburg, Germany. Today, P2X-Europe (P2X) and Greenalia (GRN) have formally committed to enter the next planning phase in their partnership, which is set to redefine the future of sustainable energy in a groundbreaking collaboration for the construction of an innovative industrial Power-to-Liquid (PtL) plant in Galicia. This cutting-edge facility will produce synthetic hydrocarbons at large scale, ushering in a new era of carbon-neutral production and climate action. The refined products, such as eSAF, eDiesel, and specialty chemicals like eWaxes, are poised to revolutionize the aviation, transport, and chemical industries. P2X, a global leader in PtL technology and a joint venture of H&R and Mabanaft, had joined forces in May 2023 with Greenalia, a Spanish independent power producer, to create an unprecedented PtL project.

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Greenalia and P2X-Europe join forces to develop an eFuel production project in Galicia

Greenalia and P2X-Europe join forces to develop an eFuel production project in Galicia


  • The CEO of Greenalia, Manuel García and the Co-CEOs of P2X-Europe, Christoph Weber and Detlev Woesten, have today signed a collaboration agreement to carry out the Breogán project, focused on the production of sustainable fuel for aviation.
  • The initiative envisages a circular process in which, together with green hydrogen, biogenic CO2 would be used to produce the hydrocarbons.
  • The combination of green hydrogen and biogenic CO2 constitute the two critical elements for the successful production of net-zero synthetic feedstocks for the chemical industry and jet fuels on an industrial scale.


22/05/2023, Hamburg, Germany. Under the name of Breogán Project, today the Galician company Greenalia and the German company P2X-Europe, a joint venture of H&R and Mabanaft, have signed an agreement that settles the foundations for the implementation of a sustainable fuel production plant (eFuels) intended especially for aviation.

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The Next Gate - Pioneering demonstration in Hamburg

New Power-to-Liquid plant at H&R's Hamburg site produces alternatives to fossil raw materials

•    Power-to-Liquid demonstration plant goes into operation
•    Inauguration of the "futurefuels.experience" information center
•    Market development of climate-friendly eFuels and chemical-pharmaceutical specialties begins

Sustainability, resource conservation and the efficient use of raw materials are among the most important topics of today. On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, H&R inaugurated the new Power-to-Liquid (PtL) demonstration plant at the production site of Ölwerke Schindler GmbH. The process facilities will be used to produce synthesis-based alternatives to fossil raw materials. The demonstration project is one of the world's first PtL concepts on a technical scale, supplying so-called eFuels as well as synthetic raw waxes, which will be marketed via the P2X-Europe joint venture of the two partner companies Mabanaft and H&R.

Salzbergen, September 15, 2022.
The Power-to-Liquid synthesis technology, developed by Karlsruhe-based technology company INERATEC, will in future produce around 200 tons of eFuels for road as well as rail transport and around 150 tons of waxes for use in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industries. 

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SynZero™ - Premium brand for synthesis-based special chemical pducts and e-fuels

P2X-Europe launches SynZero™ – a new premium brand for synthesis-based specialty chemical products and e-fuels  

  • SynZero™ products are synthesis-based specialty chemical products and e-fuels with higher sustainability standards
  • SynZero™ products replace traditional hydrocarbons made from fossil raw materials, offering consumers the same and even better quality and performance features
  • Innovative Power-to-liquid demonstration plant in Hamburg starting production in 2022
  • SynZeroproducts to be marketed by parent companies H&R and Mabanaft

Salzbergen, Germany, September 7, 2022. P2X-Europe, the joint venture between H&R and Mabanaft, launches SynZero™, its new brand for synthesis-based specialty chemical products and e-fuels with sustainability standards surpassing legal and regulatory requirements. H&R and Mabanaft thus confirm their pioneering role in their respective business segments when it comes to climate protection and set a new sustainability standard for synthetic Power-to-liquids (PtL) products.

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The Navigator Company and P2X-Europe announce a unique Joint Venture in Portugal to produce green, non-fossil synthetic eFuels and scale-up Power-to-Liquid business

  • Joint Venture (JV) opens perspective for 80.000 tons per year of renewable power-to-liquid products
  • Project aims to start commercial production in 2026
  • The strategic partnership enables Navigator adding value to biogenic CO2 from its sustainable forest and pulp & paper production as well as P2X-Europe’s parent companies H&R Group and Mabanaft to ramp up market supplies to the chemical sector and non-fossil, green jet fuel for the aviation industry


Germany, Salzbergen, 22 July 2022. The Navigator Company and Hamburg-based developer P2X-Europe have decided, subject to the approval of the relevant anti-trust authorities, to create a unique and powerful joint venture, P2X-Portugal, to develop a world-class production facility for industrial-scale production of non-fossil jet fuels or e-SAFs (e-Sustainable Aviation Fuels) – carbon-neutral synthetic kerosene, based on green hydrogen and biogenic CO2.

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P2X-Europe hits milestone for Power-to-Liquids project in Portugal

  • P2X-Europe confirms its expertise as a project developer for PtL concepts and secures planning security for the approval process
  • PtL project is classified as "Project of National Interest" by the Portuguese government
  • Shareholders H&R and Mabanaft to secure supply base for renewable e-fuels and synthesis-based chemical-pharmaceutical specialties

Salzbergen, 21. July, 2022. P2X-Europe, the joint venture between H&R and Mabanaft, is driving forward the path to climate neutrality in mobility and chemicals: A PtL project of the project developer was qualified as a project of potential national interest (Potencial Interesse Nacional – PIN’ according to Decree-Law 154/2013 November, 5th) by the Portuguese government. The PIN Award, is a qualification reserved for investments that make a significant contribution to the country’s economy. The formal recognition is an official expression of confidence as it endorses overall project design as well as economic, financial, technical and environmental viability. The PIN Award also confirms the strategic alignment of the PtL project with government climate change policies, in particular Portugal’s Recovery and Resilience Plan as well as the Portuguese Hydrogen Strategy.

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H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA: Power-to-Liquids production at the Hamburg H&R location is picking up speed

- Mabanaft and H&R, together with technology partner INERATEC, are setting the next milestone in the production of specialty chemical products and e-fuels from renewable raw materials
- P2X Europe ramps up operational business
- Successful start of production preparation

Salzbergen, Germany, 2. March 2022. P2X Europe, the joint venture between H&R and Mabanaft, is gaining momentum: The production and marketing of synthesis-based e-fuels and waxes from renewable raw materials at the Hamburg site is set to start soon.

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H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA: Joint Venture P2X Europe and Nordic Electrofuel cooperate on PtL products

- Nordic Electrofuel to build power-to-liquid production plant in Porsgrunn, Norway, by 2024
- Capacity to be expanded from an initial 8,000 tonnes to over 800,000 tonnes per year of renewable synthetic fuels and waxes by 2032
- P2X Europe markets power-to-liquid e-fuels and waxes from renewable sources

Salzbergen, Germany, 10. Januar 2022. P2X Europe, the joint venture between Mabanaft and the H&R Group, is driving the path to carbon neutrality in mobility and chemicals and plans to purchase synthesis-based e-fuels and waxes from renewable raw materials from Nordic Electrofuel.

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H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA supports Green Hydrogen initiative AquaVentus

H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA becomes a sponsoring partner of the AquaVentus initiative
- H&R strengthens the Green Hydrogen initiative; at the same time, the company is implementing another building block for its own sustainability strategy
- Diversification of access options to additional quantities of Green Hydrogen; company brings expertise as the operator of one of the largest flexible electrolysis plant

Salzbergen, Germany, 27. Juli 2021. H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA has joined the AquaVentus development association and thus supports this Green Hydrogen Initiative, which now consists of roughly 65 internationally leading companies, organizations and research institutions.

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H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA wins prize in the Responsible Care competition of VCI Nord

DGAP-News: H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA wins prize in the Responsible Care competition of VCI Nord
- Pilot plant to prepare the market launch of climate-neutral specialty chemical products is rewarded with 2nd place

Salzbergen, Germany, 02. Juni 2021. H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA earned second place in the Responsible Care competition organized by the Chemical Industry Association North (VCI Nord) with a pilot project for the production of sustainable synthetic products.

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