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A sustainable corporate development needs the balance of ecology and economy between companies and society.

For years we have been reporting on our activities on the topic of sustainability as part of our non-financial reporting. With the first sustainability report of the Hansen & Rosenthal Group in 2021, there will be a determination of the current situation, which we will continue to consolidate through future efforts and steps.

Sustainability according to
key topics

A stable organization can maintain its
equilibrium even in difficult conditions.

We work to confirm this statement every single day, across all divisions of our company. By focusing on our strengths – flexibility, innovative prowess, quality and sustainability – we are able to take a positive view of the future.

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A question for
Niels H. Hansen

Niels H. Hansen has directed the fortunes of H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA since mid 2019 as the sole managing director.

Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important at H&R. What potential does this topic hold for the company?

We are increasingly observing that our customers’ awareness of this topic is rising and the market is more open to products that are not based on crude oil. The further diversification of our product portfolio will therefore become increasingly important for us. H&R has been involved in research on synthesized products manufactured using clean energy, hydrogen and CO2 for a number of years now.

We took an important step in this direction back in 2017 with our PEM (proton exchange membrane) facility that enables us to produce hydrogen ourselves. But we also believe there is great potential in circular economy concepts that involve transforming mineral-oil-based products into raw materials for refinery processes.