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In this section of our website, you can gain a deeper insight into the events held by H&R this year and in previous years. In addition, here you will also find our Investor Relations publications and our contact form to receive news as soon as it is published.

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Financial Reports
and Presentations

Below, you can download our quarterly and annual reports. Please feel free to also use our shipping service.

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Quarterly Statement Q1 2024Download


Sustainability Report 2023Download
Annual Report 2023Download
Individual Financial Statement 2023Download
Quarterly Statement Q3 2023Download
Half Year Report 2023Download
Quarterly Statement Q1 2023Download


Sustainability Report 2022Download
Annual Report 2022Download
Individual Financial Statement 2022Download
Quarterly Statement Q3 2022Download
Half Year Report 2022Download
Quarterly Statement Q1 2022Download


Annual Report 2021Download
Individual Financial Statement 2021Download
Sustainability Report 2021Download
Quarterly Statement Q3 2021Download
Half Year Report 2021Download
Quarterly Statement Q1 2021Download


Annual Report 2020Download
Individual Financial Statement 2020Download
Sustainability Report including Non Financial Declaration 2020Download
Quarterly Statement Q3 2020Download
Half Year Report 2020Download

Quarterly Statement Q1 2020


Annual Report 2019Download
Individual Financial Statement 2019Download
Non Financial Report 2019Download
Quarterly Statement Q3 2019Download
Half Year Report 2019Download

Quarterly Statement Q1 2019


Annual Report 2018Download
Individual Financial StatementDownload
Non Financial Report 2018Download
Quarterly Statement Q3 2018Download
Quarterly Statement Q1 2018Download
Half-year Report 2018Download
Annual Report 2017Download
Quarterly Statement  31. March 2017Download
Quarterly Statement 30. June 2017Download
Quarterly Statement 30. September 2017Download
Annual Report 2016Download
Individual Financial Statement 2016Download
Quarterly Statement 31. March 2016Download

Quarterly Statement 30. June 2016

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2016Download
Annual Report 2015Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2015


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2015

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2015Download
Annual Report 2014Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2014


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2014

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2014Download
Annual Report 2013Download
Einzelabschluss 2013Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2013


Quarterly Statemen 30. June 2013

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2013Download
Annual Report 2012Download
Einzelabschluss 2012Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2012


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2012

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2012Download
Annual Report 2011Download
Einzelabschluss 2011Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2011


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2011

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2011Download
Annual Report 2010Download
Kurzversion Geschäftsbericht 2010Download
Einzelabschluss 2010Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2010


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2010

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2010Download
Annual Report 2009Download
Jahresabschluss 2009Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2009


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2009

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2009Download
Annual Report 2008Download
Jahresabschluss 2008Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2008


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2008

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2008Download
Annual Report 2007Download
Jahresabschluss 2007Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2007


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2007

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2007Download
Annual Report 2006Download
Jahresabschluss 2006Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2006


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2006

Quarterly Statement 30. September 2006Download
Annual Report 2005Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2005


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2005


Quarterly Statement 30. September 2005

Annual Report 2004Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2004


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2004


Quarterly Statement 30. September 2004

Annual Report 2003Download

Quarterly Statement 31. March 2003


Quarterly Statement 30. June 2003


Quarterly Statement 30. September 2003

Annual Report 2002Download

Quarterly Statement 30. Juni 2002


Quarterly Statement 30. September 2002

Annual Report 2001Download


We would be pleased to send you our current group presentation. Please contact our Investor Relations Team or write an email to investor.relations(at) 


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