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Our values
have a long tradition

Combining quality with a proactive approach to environmental protection and occupational safety not only enhances our image, but also increases our profitability and enables us to always offer high quality branded products.

We accomplish this with the help of a systematic management system aimed at ensuring that our production processes and support services run seamlessly - while constantly improving them. This objective can only be achieved in a sustainable way by guaranteing maximum conservation of resources and the highest level of occupational safety for our employees. Consequently only if we treat nature with respect will we be able to ensure the inherent quality of our products in the future. In doing so reaching our quality goal: to provide consumers with safe products that are in no way harmful to human health.



We occupy leading positions in very attractive niche markets in the specialty products and wax segment.


We are pursuing a strategy of international expansion based on flexible production units in order to take advantage of growth opportunities, especially in Asia.


We operate best-in-class specialty refineries. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to manage our production processes in an energy-efficient manner, achieving the maximum possible product yield while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to market requirements.


Long-term customer relationships based on our outstanding reputation for the highest quality standards, reliability of supply and versatile products.


You can download our certificates under H&R Group / Our Certificates.

Our product refinement never stands still

At the very beginning of our work process is a substance for which conventional refineries no longer have any use: "atmospheric residue", a by-product of crude-oil distillation. But for us, as a specialty refinery, this substance has an almost inexhaustible potential. Through time-consuming separation processes that are part of an elaborate joint-production process, we can extract from the distillate base oil. The resulting extracts form the basis of more than 800 innovative, environmentally friendly and high-value products.

These specialty products are used in more than 100 industries. In our everyday lives, we hardly notice them - and yet they are indispensable. Thanks to their qualities and properties, they make it possible to produce countless modern materials and products that we come into contact with every day.

As they become more advanced, both demand for and on our products increase. We are ready to tackle any challenge, anywhere in the world - wherever our customers need us.

Customer orientation:
how we see ourselves

All our processes and services are set up in such a way that they are subject to continuous improvement with the aim of maximum customer satisfaction. And you can measure us by that.

Our products not only fulfil market requirements, but also exceed these in part through further developments and innovations, several of which are protected by patents. Through intensive public relations and a continuous exchange of information we are in a position to quickly and flexibly react to the needs of our customers. Our application technology unit develops individual solutions for a wide spectrum of customer requirements. Over 3,000 items illustrate this versatility.

Next to guaranteed product quality, production quantity is also a decisive factor. Our modern handling system is designed in such a way that even orders at short notice with individual formulations can be fulfilled on time in any required packaging shape and quantity.

A dedicated shipping department ensures that the quickest and most cost effective dispatch route is chosen. Whether domestic or international, by land or sea, all goods are transported by partner companies, proven over many years. For our customers this means: delivery safety, delivery reliability, cost control ­ - plus points that add up. For us, 'just in time' is not a vogue term but a duty. Continuous stock of all popular items furthermore guarantees immediate availability at all times. Waiting times for those collecting are thereby minimised. Our own private sidings in Germany, connection to the waterways at most international production sites and proximity to motorways extend the logistical advantages.


On this page you can download our Corporate Policy.

Corporate Policy H&R Group

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You can download the Code of Conduct for Business Partners of the H&R Group on this page.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners of the &R Group (german/english)

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Compliance Management System

You can download the short version of the Compliance Management System of the H&R Group here.

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