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'Dam Good Product'...

'Dam Good Product'...

'''It never rains, but it pours' summed up summer 2012 in the UK, which went down on record as one of the wettest.

This excessive rainfall also bought floods in many parts of the country, with many individuals experiencing the misery of flood damage to either their homes or businesses.

One such business was Lleweni Parc, an upmarket holiday resort in North Wales, where the excessive rain in the area caused the dam incorporated within the site's Trout Lake to give way and burst, releasing thousands of litres of water and valuable game fish into the valley below.

Step up H&R ChemPharm (UK) with a Sahara impregnated geosynthetic material to assist in the reinstatement of the dam, prior to the busy summer 2013 season ...

Click on the PDF to find out more about Sahara and how this unique product played a part in saving Lleweni Parc's summer season.

Sahara GT - Case Study