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Heinrich Hansen and Emil Rosenthal founded H&R in Hamburg in 1919. Today, the H&R Group has accepted the challenge of globalization and has subsidiaries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. H&R Africa, based in Durban, serves as the anchor for the African continent.

This ideal location makes it possible to easily receive critical raw materials, imports and products required by our customers while acting as a perfect springboard for exports to other countries in Africa and the rest of the world.

H&R Africa's product line caters to a wide range of specialized industries: the lubricant, tire, plastic, cable, paint, packaging, agriculture, personal care and cosmetic industries. In addition to petroleum jellies, base oils, process oils, spray oils, paraffin waxes and wax emulsions, the newly formed division also offers specialty chemicals.

Our products not only meet market requirements, but in some cases exceed them thanks to developments and innovations, many of which are patent-protected. Combining quality with a proactive approach to environmental protection and occupational safety not only reinforces our image, but also increases our efficiency and allows us to offer branded products of consistently high quality. Research and pioneering developments play an important role in all our divisions.

H&R Africa (Pty) Ltd

is an active member of various industry associations, such as IOM3, ROSE, SAIT, COSCHEM & DCC. This enables us to regularly exchange information with our customers and gives us the flexibility to quickly respond to customer needs. All of our processes and services are designed with this in mind and are continually being improved so that we can maximize customer satisfaction.

H&R Africa (Pty) Ltd

has a dedicated shipping department which ensures safe, on-time deliveries and cost control. For us, "just in time" is not just a buzzword, but a duty that is monitored on a monthly basis. Our rail sidings in Durban are strategically located in Africa’s busiest port and connect us with waterways, federal highways and central locations, allowing us to guarantee on-time, complete product deliveries.

we offer

Petroleum jelly

White and amber variants, our quality is the benchmark and exceeds EP and USP standards. The PIONIER brand is trusted in many top Personal Care companies for consistency of quality.

Wax products

Ranging from slack waxes to the local candle industry and packaging to fully refined waxes for the personal care industry, as well as specialty blends for the cable and board industries.

Speciality Chemical Division

Currently offering dispersants, processing aids, optical brighteners, cosmetic, talc and silicones.

Base oilsGroup I imported or local oils supplied into lubricants industry.
Process oils

TUDALEN and VIVATEC aromatic / paraffinic and naphthenic oils are supplied to industries from rubber / tyre and technical rubber goods to printing inks. H&R has the widest range of label-free oils for tyre production and includes TDAE / RAE / MES.

Agricultural spray oilsBlended from high quality imported oils and supplied to the South African citrus and deciduous fruit growers for crop protection under the trusted name of MEDSO and AMPRON.

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Our sales office in Durban, South Africa:

Please contact:
Mr Dumisani Mthembu
Tel +27 (31) 466 8720
Fax +27 (31) 466 8716
E-Mail sasales(at)