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H&R China

Fushun, located in Liaoning Province, is one of the largest paraffin production and export bases in China, with its production exceeding one third of the country’s capacities. H&R headquarters decided to use the advantage of these existing raw material sources and invested to establish a specialty wax production base in Fushun’s Dongzhou district in 2011. With its advanced manufacturing, blending and storing facilities and operated under international quality management standards, H&R Fushun became the Group’s third wholly-owned production plant in China.

The company engages in products such as rubber protection wax, food packaging wax, petroleum jelly, specialty wax and refined wax. These are widely used in industries and sectors like rubber products, food packaging, candle fragrance and cosmetics. The deep processing market of wax is constantly expanding. With the economy development and increasing demand, we continuously devote our products and services to application development and products upgrading, and  a wider-ranging product portfolio.  H&R Fushun is dedicated to the promise of high quality, excellent services, and continuous development, with a strong commitment to fundamental principles of health, safety and environmental protection. H&R China is proud to service a large variation of industries and markets, in China and abroad.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

Halal Management System

GMP Management System

Food Production License



Rubber Protection WaxNEGOZONE220 F3509 F34579332 F9349
Packaging WaxTUDACOAT10011003100610251026
Specialty WaxTUDASTAR10121020103010311032
Refined WaxTUDAMELT30715207521352165309
Petroleum JellyPIONIER172931736417383  


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