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H&R China
Ningbo, Daxie, Hong Kong

H&R operates two wholly-owned production plants in China for the manufacturing, blending, storing, filling and quality control of mineral oil based specialty products. They are located in Ningbo Free-trade Zone and Daxie Development Zone. With this set-up, H&R combined the functions and complementary policies of two zones, coordinated them centrally and interactively developed the model of “two plants, one market”.

H&R China (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is located in Free-trade West Zone, who has the policy of “Free certificate, tax-free, bonded policy”. It is a comprehensive and open economic area that implements the bonded system. As an important import and export logistic center, highway logistics are relatively convenient.

H&R China (Daxie) Co., Ltd. is located in Daxie Development Zone. It is an important part of a port neighboring, petrochemical industrial belt, with obvious advantages of loading and unloading. Sea transportation and highway multimodal transports are adopted with complete supporting facilities.

The company’s main products are environment-friendly rubber oils, all kinds of rubber processing oils, medicinal white oils, wax emulsions and etc. Our products are widely used in tire and rubber products, medicinal and cosmetic products, lubricating oils, building materials and other industries. We provide professional and advanced testing facilities to implement and meet industry norms and the latest standards. With a strong dedication to the fundamental principles of health, safety and environmentally protection, and a commitment to high quality, excellent services and sustainable development, H&R China is offering high quality products and services to our customers in China and abroad.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

Safety Production Standardization Enterprise Certification



Environment-Friendly Rubber OilsVIVATEC 500VIVATEC 600VIVATEC 700VIVATEC 200  
Naphthenic OilsTUDALEN 3343TUDALEN 3370TUDALEN 3367TUDALEN 4645  
Medicinal White OilsPIONIER 2076 PPIONIER 6301 PPIONIER 2071 PPIONIER 2070 P  
Technical White OilsPIONIER 1968 APIONIER 1535PIONIER 2164PIONIER 2158  
Bio-based OilsPIONIER TP 130 BPIONIER TP 130 CPIONIER TP 130 J   
ASTM Standard Practice OilsIRM 901IRM 902IRM 903   
Rubber AidsJUNIOR BH 105     
Wax Emulsion ProductsVIVASHIELD 8652VIVASHIELD ASA 750VIVALITE 70   
Other ProductsPet JelliesParaffin WaxesWax EmulsionsWax Specialties  


Your personal contact at H&R China:  info.china(at)