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H&R Malaysia is located in the busy harbor area of Port Klang, logistically ideally situated to serve as a manufacturing and supply point to the Malayan market, but also as logistical hub for our Asia Pacific sales organization, due to its situation in the trade free zone.

H&R Malaysia markets the whole range of H&R specialties for the exception of wax emulsions which are manufactured and sold by our sister company H&R Wax Malaysia. The primary focus is on label free process oils which are extensively used in the rubber industry as processing aids and extenders for rubber; and on supplying the major tire manufacturers in the region. Other important industries are the printing ink, the chemical and the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

We strive to keep abreast of technological advances to maximize productivity and quality, while keeping environmental impact to a minimum. Modern office, tank and filling facilities as well as a state of the art laboratory ensure that we can guarantee the highest level of reliability in service and product quality to our customer, thus complying with the worldwide H&R standard.


Low-PCA rubber oilsVIVATEC 200, VIVATEC 500, VIVATEC 600, VIVATEC 700, VIVATEC 800, etc.
Aromatic oilsTUDALEN 84, TUDALEN 65, etc.
Paraffinic oilsTUDALEN 11, TUDALEN 13, TUDALEN 16, TUDALEN 4529, etc.
Naphthenic white oilsTUDALEN 3772, TUDALEN 3343, TUDALEN 3370, TUDALEN 3366, TUDALEN 3367, etc.
Medicinal white oilsPIONIER 1210 M, PIONIER 1203, PIONIER 1242, PIONIER 2071 P, PIONIER 2070 P, etc.
Technical white oilsPIONIER P 16, PIONIER 1968 A, PIONIER 1535, PIONIER 2192, PIONIER 2131, PIONIER 2275, etc.
Ozone protection waxesNEGOZONE 9345 F, NEGOZONE 9347 F, NEGOZONE 3509 F, NEGOZONE 3457 F, etc.

Your personal contact at H&R Malaysia:  info.malaysia(at)