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Wax Malaysia

The H&R Wax Malaysia business is built on the core philosophy that we must fully understand our customer's business in order to satisfy our customer's expectations.  Through a symbiotic relationship with our customers we will meet or exceed their current requirements specifically in regards to product quality and prompt reliable service delivery.  In addition we pride ourselves that our flexibility and commitment to product and process development allows us to customize and continually improve our products to meet specific customer requirements.

Through our H&R parent company with headquarters located in Hamburg, Germany we can access World Class German technology and expertise.  In addition our global H&R network ensures we can access global expertise and supply so that we can satisfy our customers requirements anywhere and anytime.  Our H&R Global Technical Development Center network means we work on continually developing our products to meet the changing needs of the customer globally and regionally.

We are centrally located at our operational hub in Batu Caves on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.  From here we can service and support customers located throughout Asia and the Pacific Region.

The H&R product range
available through our H&R Wax Malaysia Batu Caves business includes

Wax emulsionsPanelboard emulsions, latex emulsions, gypsum board emulsions, fiberglass emulsions
Petroleum jelly

Pharma and food grade Petroleum Jelly (USP/ EP/ BP)

White oilsPharma and food grade white oils (EP/FDA)
Special waxesPharma and food waxes (full range)
General waxesFormulated waxes for specialty applications (candle, packaging, food)
Cable filling compoundsSpecial cable filling compound for optical and power cables


In addition we can help source through our H&R global network:

  • Slack wax and paraffin waxes
  • Process oils
  • Base oils


Reconstituted board industry              VIVASHIELD 9372, 9373, 9375, 9392
Latex industryVIVASHIELD 9176, VIVASHIELD 9178
Gypsum board industryVIVALITE 70, VIVALITE 72
Petroleum jellyMedicinal and cosmetic qualities
Fibreglass industryVIVASHIELD 9159
Wax blendsTECHNIWAX 3397
Concrete curingVIVASHIELD 9182
White oilPIONIER 2071 P

Your personal contact at H&R Wax Malaysia: info.malaysia(at)