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ChemPharm GmbH

The origin of H&R ChemPharm GmbH, the oldest and, at the same time, most state of the art producing special refinery in the world, spans all the way back to the year 1860. It began with the production of rock oil, a cut similar to petroleum, which was used for lighting. A rapid expansion of the range to specialities and lubricant products followed.

After the complete modernisation over the last decades, lastly in the 1980s, H&R ChemPharm, together with the partner Wilhelm Scholten (Ölfabrik Wilhelm Scholten GmbH), was released from the Wintershall/BASF group in 1994 and worked as a part of the H&R Group for the supply of chemical/pharmaceutical raw materials for the brands. Since 2001 H&R ChemPharm GmbH has been the holding company for the business area of chemical / pharmaceutical raw materials of the listed H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA.

Since 2004 the refinery in Hamburg Neuhof taken over from BP has also operated under the umbrella of H&R ChemPharm GmbH, today trading as H&R Ölwerke Schindler GmbH. The integration is the successful continuation of cooperation with the H&R Group that began in as early as 1920.

Top technology for premium quality products is demanded by our customers and we are proud to oblige. The practical SME concept guarantees that the requirements of the market are reacted to quickly and flexibly. Quality assurance is given high priority here too. The quality management system was certified in 1993 according to DIN EN ISO 9001-14001. The accreditation of the laboratory according to DIN EN 45001 in 1994 also reflects the high quality requirements in terms of the reliability of the analysis data. In 2007, the subsidiary H&R LubeBlending successfully completed the certification according to ISO TS 16949.

H&R ChemPharm production sites are always at the state of the art of technology. This includes the overall capability of the plants and processes but also taking into account the requirements of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. This is, amongst other things, expressed by the launch of the thermal waste processing plant in 2004 that is run by our partner RWE Power under the name SRS EcoTherm. The plant acts as a power plant for the steam supply of the refinery in Salzbergen. Due to the high efficiency and state of the art technology it was possible to significantly reduce air pollution once more.

International comparative studies show that the mixing and bottling area in particular, centralised in the subsidiary H&R LubeBlending, enjoys a superior position compared to other investigated companies. The aim is to consistently expand this area according to the 'airport principle' into a service centre (mixing/bottling/logistics) for large lubricant manufacturers. Along with many others, a great deal of products are produced for ARAL, for example.


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