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The first activities of the new subsidiary Tudapetrol were the storage, mixing and bottling of high-quality mineral oil products in order to better serve the increasing demands of the market.

Today Tudapetrol buys raw materials for the entire corporate group and produces for the entire H&R Group. The following product groups are amongst the focal points:

The highest requirements for quality apply to all production levels. In a variety of mixing and storage tanks (stainless steel) with around 15,000 t capacity the varied items are mixed or stored according to the formulation given, in fully automated processes in some cases. The production programme includes more than 3,000 types of which more than 150 are petroleum jellies.

Powerful bottling and loading equipment allows up to 1,000 t of various types of finished products and raw materials to be filled into various different containers per day and to be loaded or received by lorries, road tankers, rail tank cars or tankers.

Only with the help of comprehensively trained, qualified employees can over 80,000 t of mineral oil products be processed per year ­ - the result of carefully planned interaction between man and machine. In the delivery store there are always around 15,000 containers (barrels, containers, drums and canisters) ready for use. This creates a high level of delivery safety for the company group.

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