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Wax & Specialties GmbH

The ever-increasing importance of paraffins and waxes in the overall H&R Group product portfolio led to the founding of the H&R Wax Company GmbH in May 2000. Today H&R Wax & Specialties oversees all sales and service activities.

The site producing more than 80 different paraffin qualities is the oldest (1860) productive and, at the same time, state of the art plant, H&R ChemPharm, Salzbergen. Consistently high quality standards and a variety of specialities substantiate the outstanding reputation of the refinery.

The quality of the H&R paraffins is based on a special production method: the slack waxes that occur during the de-paraffinisation of the basic oils are processed into high-quality paraffins through further de-oiling and environmentally friendly high-pressure hydration. These full raffinates correspond to the strict purity requirements of Ph.Eur., FDA and the German health authority (BGA). The portfolio is expanded with our technical qualities from our H&R Ölwerke Schindler, Hamburg refinery.

The various paraffin qualities are implemented in many sectors of the industry: candle industry, chipboard industry, chemical industry, ceresin industry, packaging industry, textiles industry, medicine and pharmacy and many others.

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