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Klaus Dahleke
GmbH & Co. KG

Through the expansion of the product range the Group has developed new markets. This is documented, for example, through the incorporation of the Klaus Dahleke subsidiary and the creation of the TUDALEN brand. The strict quality requirements particularly of the printing ink, rubber and plastic industries are comprehensively covered by this brand.

Alongside the production of environmentally friendly mineral oil specialties for the printing ink industry, the important development of various softeners on mineral basis took place in the rubber and plastic industry with pan-European use. The well-known products TUDALEN B 8013 EXTRA, TUDALEN B 8014 EXTRA, TUDALEN 3912, TUDALEN C 830 and TUDALEN 16 are representative of these developments. The high degree of refining of these paraffin-based qualities makes them the preferred softeners for the EPDM area. The best-known representatives of the highly aromatic line TUDALEN 3570 A, TUDALEN 450 C and TUDALEN 65 cover the important traditional specifications such as in technical rubber goods and several tires in which such softeners are currently still being processed.

However, in order to meet the increased environmental requirements, the development of a comprehensive type programme was agreed upon as early as the 1990s, which is also sufficient from an application technology point of view. The most important representatives of this line are the TDAE qualities VIVATEC 500 / TUDALEN SX500 and VIVATEC 200 / TUDALEN 4225 (MES) and the qualities VIVATEC 700 (naphthenically heavy) and VIVATEC 800 (TRAE) for the tire industry.

Worldwide H&R, in Europe traditionally via the subsidiary Klaus Dahleke KG, may be the only company group that can offer such a comprehensive programme of non-classified softeners with consistently high quality and delivery safety. Therefore, our worldwide H&R production, logistics and sales network is of great importance, represented on all continents with its own locations and therefore exhibits a great closeness to the customers and local requirements of the market.

Ongoing, also patent-protected product developments in our R&D laboratory in our H&R Ölwerke Schindler refinery aim to be able to offer our customers functional and economic advantages at the same time as advanced, high global delivery security.

A further specialty is represented by the cable filling compounds developed in wide-ranging test series. The product range offers compelling solutions for every application area (cold or hot filling) and for various standards (REA standard and FTZ standard). The very good malleability over a large temperature area combined with a high thaw point is an indicator of the highest level of quality. This programme has been decidedly strengthened by the purchase of the market leader under the brand DussekCampbell in 2004. Today the main production site is in Tipton, UK with external sites in Durban, South Africa, and in Ningbo, China. Along with cable filling compounds for copper cables, products for the optical fibre area are playing an increasingly important role. Our fillers for the subsea energy cable sector enjoy great recognition across the world.

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