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H&R UK introduces GT Green for use on equestrian surfaces, 01.12.2009

GT Green launched for use on equestrian surfaces

H&R ChemPharm (UK) Limited has recently introduced a green, wax based product for use on synthetic equestrian surfaces - GT Green

H&R�s highly successful GT range of wax and oil blends have been specially formulated for use on various equestrian surfaces. In use, GT Green is mixed with high quality sand and fibres to produce a natural looking green surface, which is favoured by many equestrian professionals when compared to the traditional brown sand coloured surfaces.

GT Green was first demonstrated to customers at the "Your Horse Live" show in the United Kingdom in November. It was greeted with positive responses from many potential customers. GT Green will next be exhibited at the Horse of the Year show in March 2010.

The first surface to use GT Green will be in use early 2010 as a walk way on a major race course in the UK.

GT Green is available now from leading equestrian surface providers.

For further information please contact: uk.sales(at)